Corneal transplants Fountain Valley

Corneal Transplants Fountain Valley

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Corneal Transplants and DSEK in Fountain Valley

There are many diseases and conditions that can cause damage to the eye, especially to the cornea. When the cornea is damaged or changed in some way corneal transplants Fountain Valley are often the best way to preserve and restore sight. At Orange Coast Eye Center our doctors specialize in advanced corneal transplants as a treatment for many types of eye and vision conditions. The cornea is the clear curved part of the eye that is located at the front. Light passes through the cornea on its way to the pupil, the cornea aids in focusing the light into a clear image. The cornea can be damaged through injury, scarring, degenerative diseases or various other circumstances beyond repair making a full or partial transplant the best option to treat seriously impaired vision.

Our practice uses cutting edge equipment and technology to diagnose corneal problems and their underlying causes and to then perform corneal transplants Fountain Valley. Our doctors perform two different types of corneal transplants; penetrating keratoplasty, which is a complete replacement of the cornea or a partial corneal transplant, called a DSEK. The penetrating keratoplasty is the more common procedure and involves transplanting all five layers of the cornea with the donor cornea. In a partial corneal transplant only some of the layers are replaced, either those layers closest to the front of the eye (anterior transplant) or those starting at the back of the cornea (posterior transplant). In a DSEK procedure our doctor usually removes the back portion of the Cornea, which is replaced by the donor cornea that has been cut to match the original. The donor cornea is then attached through the introduction of an air bubble. After the surgery the patient is given eye drops and sometimes oral medications, wears an eye patch to protect the eye while it heals and urged to refrain from strenuous activities for a while.

Before performing a corneal transplants Fountain Valley our doctors will first give the patient a thorough eye examination, not only looking for the causes of the current corneal problem but also searching for any other conditions that may cause complications after surgery, our doctor will treat these before surgery. Our surgeon will also take precise measurements of your eye and cornea so they can be matched to the potential donor corneas. It is also very important that we discuss all your current medications and any supplements or OTC remedies you are taking. Make an appointment with our practice to check your eyes before any serious diseases occur.

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