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Diabetes is a serious health condition that requires constant monitoring. It is important that patients who have diabetes schedule all of the necessary doctor’s appointments that they need to keep track of their health and other related factors. It is vital that patients living with diabetes schedule regular exams with an eye doctor as well, especially since diabetic patients are at a heightened risk for developing serious eye diseases. If you need diabetic eye care in Fountain Valley, our team here at Orange Coast Eye Center can provide you with the diabetic screening and management that you need to stay healthy and informed.

People who have diabetes are often at greater risk for developing a number of different diseases more than other people might be. Some of the issues concerned with diabetes can create complications elsewhere in the body. Diabetes is often linked with poor circulation and nerve damage which can affect your eye health. Here at Orange Coast Eye Center, our expert eye care team can provide patients with the diabetic screening and management that they need to take the best care of their eyes. Patients who know they have diabetes should schedule regular, annual exams with their eye doctor. They can schedule more frequent exams if directed to do so by a doctor. No matter how often you schedule appointments with us, with regular diabetic eye care in Fountain Valley at Orange Coast Eye Center you can stay on top of your eye health, monitor any conditions or symptoms that you do have, and get the treatment that you need in a timely manner. Since patients with diabetes are more likely to develop conditions such as glaucoma or diabetic retinopathy which can be dangerous if left untreated, we here at Orange Coast Eye Center treat early detection seriously. The earlier on a disease is diagnosed, the earlier on it can be treated so as to prevent any permanent side effects from occurring.

If you are looking for expert diabetic eye care in Fountain Valley, you do not need to look further than Orange Coast Eye Center. Our eye doctors and experts can provide you with the most comprehensive eye care possible complete with the diabetic screening and management that you need.

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