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Fountain Valley Glaucoma Treatment

Taking care of your eyes is extremely important. There are plenty of eye conditions that can sneak up on you, and the best method of prevention is to make sure you visit your eye doctor as often as possible. Many eye conditions yield little to no symptoms during their earliest stages, but they can still be identified and diagnosed during a routine eye exam. Glaucoma is one such condition that if not treated can lead to deteriorating vision. If you have glaucoma or at risk, then visit us here at Orange Coast Eye Center where our Fountain Valley eye surgeons can provide you with the treatment you need.

It is recommended that everyone schedule regular eye appointments to make sure that their eye health is up to par. Those who are at risk for developing eye conditions due to their age, family medical history or have other medical conditions, such as diabetes, should make sure that they schedule these appointments more regularly. Glaucoma is an eye disease of the eye that is associated with increased eye pressure, resulting in a gradual loss of peripheral vision. Visiting an eye doctor regularly can let you know whether you are at risk for developing the disease and whether you should be closely monitored for it, which can help prevent the issue from worsening. These visits can also inform you and your eye doctor whether medical action is necessary, such as surgery. Here at Orange Coast Eye Center, our Fountain Valley eye surgeons, Dr. Lincoln L. Manzi, Dr. Jared R. Younger, and Dr. Veronica L. Woi, can provide you with the treatment you need, even SLT laser treatment if necessary. SLT is also known as selective laser trabeculoplasty. This method is used to drain fluid from the eye, lessening the amount of pressure in the eye.

Here at Orange Coast Eye Center, our Fountain Valley eye surgeons can typically provide SLT treatment without hospital admittance. The procedure can be performed safely here in our offices. This treatment is especially helpful for patients who experience little to no effect with medication. If you are currently living with glaucoma or have any of the known risk factor, then schedule an appointment with us today to make sure your eyes are as healthy as can be.

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