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Eye Surgery in Huntington Beach CA

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Corneal transplants in Huntington Beach CA

Eye surgery in Huntington Beach CA
Eye surgery in Huntington Beach CA

It is important that everyone take care of their eye health as well as be generally aware of the conditions and other concerns that may affect them. Anyone can develop an eye disease, which is why routine exams are always recommended no matter what, but it is vital that people with a higher risk of developing a particular are not just aware of their ability to develop such an issue but that they receive additional care as well. For people at risk for and with cataracts, we here at Orange Coast Eye Center can provide comprehensive care and treatment when needed, even offering eye surgery in Huntington Beach CA to restore eyesight and improve overall eye health.

Cataracts develop when the lenses of the eyes grow thicker over time. As the lenses thicken, they become more and more difficult to see through, and it can eventually cause blindness as a result. During earlier stages of cataracts, prescription lenses can be used to enhance eyesight despite these changes. In some ways, cataracts early on are treated much like increasing nearsightedness is. But as cataracts become too thick, you may not be able to see through them at all, regardless of any additional prescription eyewear. When cataracts develop this far, surgery is needed. Here at Orange Coast Eye Center we can track the progression of your condition and treat it along the way, recommending eye surgery in Huntington Beach CA when the time comes. With corneal transplants, your thickened corneas are removed with a high-precision laser and then replaced with an IOL or an artificial lens that will restore your eyesight.

People with diabetes, a family medical history of cataracts, a personal medical history of damage to the eyes such as damage from sun exposure, and seniors are all more likely to develop cataracts, but they can still develop otherwise. For complete cataract care and for eye surgery in Huntington Beach CA, visit us here at Orange Coast Eye Center.

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