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Fountain Valley Diabetes Doctor

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Diabetes and macular degeneration in Fountain Valley

Your eyes face many risks and threats, from the possibility of injury and trauma to the effects of dry air, infections, and allergies. But eye disease may be the biggest concern of all, because some of the most common ones develop and progress free of symptoms. You don’t even have the awareness that something is wrong to guide you. Two such issues are diabetes and macular degeneration. Here at Orange Coast Eye Center, all it takes is a yearly visit to our office to detect the presence of these diseases as they relate to your ocular health, and thereby get started immediately on the appropriate treatment and management options.

Our Fountain Valley diabetes doctor performs a comprehensive eye exam, with specific testing done to detect diabetic retinopathy, which is the eye disease that is caused by the impact type 1 or type 2 diabetes has on your eyes. Fluctuations in blood sugar may lead to retinal blood vessel damage, hemorrhaging, and loss of vision up to and including blindness. Total loss of vision is typically not an effect of macular degeneration, but you will lose the center of your visual field over time. You may also hear of it being referred to as age-related macular degeneration, or AMD or ARMD. This is because it usually forms after age 40, and more often after age 60. And while a cure is not possible, our Fountain Valley diabetes doctor can and will work with you to slow the progression of AMD and work with you to maximize the vision you do have. Regarding diabetic retinopathy, prompt diagnosis can help you avoid eye damage, and lifestyle and medication adjustments should mitigate the problem.

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