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Are you tired of your eyes failing to be protected by the natural defenses of your body? Often times your body can fail to give your eyes the safety they need to blink away particles and invasive objects when they fail to grow enough lashes. Inadequate lashes are more than just a cosmetic problem, but can truly put your eyes at rick. Fortunately, the medical field has recognized the need to make lashes fuller and longer without the need for mascara ever again. To get the beautiful and healthy lashes you long for, you only need pay a visit to your local Fountain Valley eye doctor at the state of the art practice of the Orange Coast Eye Center and ask if Latisse treatments are right for you.

Latisse is a topical medication utilized to treat patients who suffer from an inadequate amount of eyelashes. This medication works through a basis in a compound called Bimatoprost. This ingredient works to make your lashes more noticeable by working to make your current eyelashes thicker and darker. Not only does Bimatoprost work to make your current lashes stand out more, but it actively works to increase the growth rate of lashes, as it is very similar to a chemical your body naturally produces in order to do so, known as prostaglandin. One of the best parts about Latisse is that, unlike many optical cosmetic treatments offered at your trusted Fountain Valley eye doctor, this unique method of eyelash treatment can be applied in your own home once it has been prescribed. Be sure to read your pamphlet before applying, and take care to discuss with your doctor your current optical health. Bimatoprost is also used to treat glaucoma, and as such patients who suffer from the illness should take care to never allow the Latisse medication to enter your eyes. Application should always begin by carefully washing your face. Remove your makeup and contact lenses, and be sure to wait at least 15 minutes before inserting contact lenses after applying. Simply place one drop of Latisse medication on the applicator provided, and then swipe the applicator along the skin of your upper lid at the base of your eyelashes, moving from the inner corner to the outer. All it takes is use once a day to see results in two weeks or less.

For beautiful eyelashes that will truly keep your eyes safe from harm, simply visit the experts at your neighborhood Fountain Valley eye doctor. Our fully licensed and professionally trained staff at the state of the art offices of the Orange Coast Eye Center have been proudly serving your local community for over 30 years. With Latisse prescription from the Orange Coast Eye Center you can receive the full and dark eyelashes you long for.

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