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LASIK in Garden Grove

Garden Grove eye surgery

Garden Grove eye surgery

Nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism can all be corrected permanently with LASIK, the laser eye surgery offered here at Orange Coast Eye Center. Instead of relying so heavily on your corrective lenses, you can enjoy the independence that comes with freedom from eyeglasses or contact lenses. And it’s all done outpatient with no stitches or bandages required, and no excessive healing time.

Our Garden Grove eye surgery works by reshaping your cornea. This is necessary because the cornea directs the light that enters through it to the back of the eye where your retina is. That light should strike at or near the center of the retina, but when it is instead hitting toward the front or back, that’s the reason for the refractive issues that cause you to see less than ideally at various distances. Your prescription lenses alter the direction that the light travels, therefore correcting the subpar vision. Our Garden Grove eye surgery reshapes the cornea so that you will get that kind of result automatically. In order to be a good candidate for LASIK, you will have to meet certain requirements such as being 18 or over, having no current or past corneal disease, and vision that has been consistent over the past year. Our eye surgeon will discuss these and other points as part of your consultation. The procedure itself starts with eye drops that numb you sufficiently to ensure that you’re comfortable during the surgery. A thin flap of your cornea is opened, the laser does its job in reshaping, and the flap is put back and resealed. You may experience some dryness afterward, but you will be given eye drops to counteract it. The success rate for the surgery is very impressive, around 96%. You should notice improvement the next day or even later the same day. You may be able to discard your glasses or contacts. At the very least, you will need them much less than before.

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