Huntington Beach cornea specialist

Huntington Beach Cornea Specialist

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Corneal Diseases and Surgery in Huntington Beach

The human eye contains many complex specialized parts that have to all work together perfectly in order to produce a clear image. Even if all these complex parts start out functioning perfectly in the young child they can change over time and cause serious vision problems later on in life. One of these important parts of the eye that is often susceptible to aging and trouble is the cornea, the transparent covering of the eye that helps refract light and maximizes the eye’s optical power. Our Huntington Beach cornea specialist at Orange Coast Eye Center is an expert in treating diseases of the eye that are based around the cornea.

Our Huntington Beach cornea specialist Dr. Jared R. Younger, MD treats many different cornea diseases such as partial and complete cornea transplants, Fuch’s corneal dystrophy, pterygium surgery as well as intraocular lens (IOL) exchanges or repositioning that is the vision restoration segment of cataract surgery. Our doctor performs partial corneal transplants using a procedure called descemet stripping endothelial keratoplasty (DSEK), where Dr. Younger removes the diseased back of the cornea through a small incision. The healthy back part of a donor cornea is inserted into the front of the eye. Our doctor then places an air bubble into the same incision, which pushes the donor material up against the back of the patient’s cornea. The eye’s natural pumping mechanism will attach the new back to the cornea as the air bubble is absorbed. Compared to older partial cornea transplant techniques DSEK requires less healing time, has less chance of rejection and less astigmatism. Corneal transplants can help restore sight in many patients.

In some cases the cornea has a great deal of scarring or is too damaged to repair with a partial transplant in these cases our Huntington Beach cornea specialist will perform a complete cornea transplant. This is done by removing the whole cornea and replacing it with a donor cornea that is delicately sutured into place. If you are having any trouble with your vision call our office for an appointment.

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