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Eye Care in Garden Grove

Catalys in Garden Grove

Eye care in Garden Grove

Eye care in Garden Grove

Catalys is a revolutionary new way to rid the eyes of cataracts using a state of the art laser and 3D imaging. Thanks to Catalys’ new and advanced imaging technology, we can now build a 3D map of the patient’s eye and tailor treatment directly to the map, allowing us to treat eyes with precision and accuracy. At Orange Coast Eye Center, we know that every set of eyes is unique and therefore needs individual care. Our eye care in Garden Grove center features the best in state of the art equipment and laser surgeries to help you have better eyes.

Catalys was developed by a Silicon Valley based company called OptiMedica Corporation. The device, which creates a circular opening in the eye to access and remove the cataract, is 10 times more accurate when using this method instead of traditional methods. After creating the opening, the Catalys then softens and breaks up the hardened cataract so that removal is easier and gentler on the eyes. Catalys provides a multitude of benefits over traditional cataract surgery, including more precise treatment, less pain and discomfort, and faster recovery times. Because of reduced inflammation, the healing period is lessened and made easier on the patient. Also, when receiving Catalys at our Orange Coast Eye Center for eye care in Garden Grove, we can periodically tailor treatment using the advanced technology multi-focal lenses. This can reduce the need for glasses or contacts after cataract surgery.

Along with the Catalys system our office for eye care in Garden Grove also offers LASIK vision correction, technology intraocular lenses, corneal transplants and more. Our LASIK surgery is a quick and painless procedure that reshapes the cornea, allowing for better vision without glasses or contact lenses. Suitable for most prescriptions, LASIK eliminates the need for dependence on any vision correction and most people experience improved vision by the next day after the surgery. Those who may not be candidates for LASIK are patients under the age of 21, those who suffer from eye disease, and those with dry eyes or thin corneas. Ask us about LASIK and other eye surgeries, as well as our specials on eye care and eyewear.

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