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Newport Beach Ophthalmology

Newport Beach Ophthalmology

A clear and healthy cornea is vital for good vision. If damage occurs to our corneas, they can become scarred, misshapen, and swollen. This damage could distort our vision bad enough to the point where eyeglasses or contact lenses can’t correct the problem. If a patient is facing this visual setback, we encourage them to visit our Newport Beach ophthalmologist office at Orange Coast Eye Center for a consultation on a cornea transplant procedure.

There are several conditions that affect the cornea and may require a transplant procedure. These conditions include infectious scarring, hereditary conditions, chemical burns, eye diseases such as keratoconus, and thinning of the cornea. A meeting with our outstanding staff of optical professionals at our Newport Beach ophthalmologist office, Orange Coast Eye Center, will help our patients determine if they are a candidate for a cornea transplant procedure. Dr. Jared R. Younger is a trained cornea specialist, and he provides patients with the most advanced surgical techniques and procedures. These include partial corneal transplants, full corneal transplants, astigmatism correction, and pterygium surgery.

There are two types of corneal transplant procedures: traditional corneal transplant surgery and endothelial keratoplasty. In the traditional surgery, a circular portion of tissue is removed from the affected cornea using a surgical cutting instrument or laser. A matching circular portion from a donor is then used to replace the removed section of tissue. Stitches are used to hold the transplant in place, and a plastic shield is placed over the eye to protect it during the healing process. The professionals at our Newport Beach ophthalmologist office are experts at this procedure, and they have been successfully correcting cornea damage in our patients for many years.

Our beautiful Newport Beach ophthalmology office, Orange Coast Eye Center, is conveniently located at 18426 Brookhurst Street, Suite 103, Fountain Valley, California. There is also plenty of free parking available in our new lot. Our practice accepts Visa, MasterCard, and American Express credit cards as well as most insurance plans. We’re happy to accept patients of all ages, and our incredible staff of optical professionals welcomes everyone with a warm and friendly setting. So stop by Orange Coast Eye Center today, and get ready to see a new world!

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