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Eye Lenses Garden Grove

Astigmatism correction in Garden Grove

Eye lenses Garden Grove

Eye lenses Garden Grove

Clear vision depends on all the varied structures of the eye working together and focusing the light exactly where it should be. The interplay between the lens and the retina can determine whether near or distant vision is clear or blurred. A common refractory error is astigmatism. In this condition the eye fails to focus light on a single spot on the retina, instead it focuses on several different spots either in front or behind the retina. Special eye lenses Garden Grove from the doctors of Orange Coast Eye Center can correct even severe cases of the disease.

Cases of astigmatism can be mild, moderate or severe. The symptoms of the refractory error include blurry and distorted vision at all distances, headache, eye strain and frequent squinting. An irregularly shaped cornea, which should be round, but has one part more curved than others causes astigmatism. There are three principal types of astigmatism, one which is accompanied by nearsightedness, one accompanied by farsightedness and a combination type. Our doctor uses eye lenses Garden Grove to treat all three types of astigmatism. For those suffering from moderate to heavy astigmatism eyeglasses or contact lenses with toric lenses maybe prescribed. Toric lenses bend light more in one direction than the other compensating for the natural misshape of the cornea.

Our doctor will examine your eyes and ask you to perform various tasks to determine exactly what type of toric lens is best for your degree of astigmatism or combination of astigmatism and near- or farsightedness. An innovative approach to astigmatism and other refractory errors are the newest generation of intraocular lenses, which are special eye lenses in Garden Grove that can reduce the need for glasses or contact lenses. These artificial lenses are available in toric versions to assist people with astigmatism and are surgically placed on the eye. Let our doctors examine your eyes and determine if astigmatism of some other refractory error is a problem and prescribe an innovative solution for you.

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