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Cataract Surgery in Fountain Valley

Fountain Valley Cataract Surgeon 

Are you suffering from continually diminishing vision due to an advancing case of cataracts? If you suffer from low vision due to cataracts growing inside your eyes, your vision is not without hope. Where low vision therapy often fails overtime due to the continual progression of this diseases, that latest advances in optical surgery can succeed not only in stopping your optical disease from growing worse, but can even work to turn back time and restore your vision to its previous levels of clarity. The first step to achieving clear vision one more is through a cataract surgery Fountain Valley consultation at the state of the art practice of the Orange Coast Eye Center.

Cataracts are a cloudy and opaque film which begins to develop on the surface of the natural lens of your eye. Over time, this region will grow in size and depth, blocking the passage of light into the eye. This stops the flow of information to the retina and into the optic nerves, creating blurry vison and eventual blindness without proper treatment and surgical removal. Today, refractive surgery is helping more patients suffering from cataracts to see clearly than ever before. The main goal of this procedure is to remove the natural lens of the eye and thusly the cataract, and then replace this natural material with an artificial intraocular lens. Also known as an IOL, this manmade device is currently available in more styles and advanced options than ever before. In the past an IOL could only be made in a single power, allowing for optical correction at only one level of distance. Today’s IOLs are now available in multifocal options that are able to correct many different optical conditions while treating cataracts, including astigmatism and high levels of myopia in addition to presbyopia. Your cataract surgery in Fountain Valley is accomplished through the latest technology with a self sealing incision and ultrasound through a process known as phacoemulsification, as well as the most advanced IOLs available today. Your procedure is able to accomplished in only a half an hour under local anesthetic, so patients need never worry about a lengthy procedure. Your doctor will help you determine the perfect lens to meet your personal and optical needs.

For the very best in refractive vision treatment with your neighborhood cataract surgery in Fountain Valley. Our fully licensed and professionally trained staff at the advanced care center of the Orange Coast Eye Center have been proudly restoring cases of severe vision loss and other vision problems with the latest advances in technology and procedure for over 30 years. With refractive cataract surgery from the Orange Coast Eye Center you can enjoy visual clarity free from this disease once more.

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