Ophthalmology office in Garden Grove

Ophthalmology Office in Garden Grove

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Have you been told that you have a problem with your eye’s cornea that will need treatment and most likely surgery? This can be unnerving news to hear. However, when you come to see our expert ophthalmologist for corneal disease treatment and surgery you will sleep well at night knowing that you are being treated by and being cared for by one of the best eye doctors around. When you come to see our eye doctor at our ophthalmology office in Garden Grove, you will immediately feel comfortable and more relaxed knowing that your eye problem will be well taken care of.

At our Orange Coast Eye Center practice our highly-trained and well-respected ophthalmologists are Dr. Lincoln L. Manzi, Jr. and Dr. Jared R. Younger. Our eye care practice has been providing exemplary and compassionate eye care to members of our Orange County community for over 30 years. We specialize in corneal disease treatment and surgery, as well as in corneal transplants and DSEK. Dr. Younger is a cornea specialist. He has extensive training in managing corneal diseases such as Fuchs’ corneal dystrophy. This disease is managed using advanced surgical techniques. Dr. Younger is expert in DSEK partial corneal transplants, full corneal transplants, pterygium surgery and IOL exchange or repositioning. When you meet with Dr. Younger at our ophthalmology office in Garden Grove he will examine your eyes and corneas to determine how exactly to correct your eye problem.

DSEK is a partial corneal transplant. DSEK stands for Descemet stripping endothelial keratoplasty. In this particular type of surgery, the diseased back surface of the cornea is removed through a small incision that is made in the eye. A donor cornea is prepared by an eye bank, to separate out the healthy back layer. This will be inserted into your eye. An air bubble is inserted that pushes the donor cornea to the back surface of our patient’s cornea. The eye naturally attaches to the donor cornea. This procedure is an excellent surgical option which needs less healing time and has less risk of rejection. This procedure may restore vision to a blind eye, and is the most successful type of corneal transplant. If the entire cornea is damaged, our patient may need a full corneal transplant. If you would like to see our fine eye doctor at our ophthalmology office in Garden Grove, contact us today.

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